Reverse Mortgage Relationship Management Webinar

Connect & Influence – Relationship Management Webinar

Reverse Mortgage Relationship Management Webinar

Presented by Jay Coulter

About Our Speaker

Jay Coulter is the Founder of Pinger Systems, a training and technology firm focused on teaching sales professionals and teams how to implement relationship management systems that expand their professional network and personal brand. He also has a consulting practice focused on working with high performing financial advisors through RC Whatley & Company. The firm consults on over $5 Billion in client assets. Jay leverages his 20 years of experience in the investment management industry working for industry leaders such as Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Charles Schwab, to help his clients implement systems designed to improve business performance.


Learn how to build a simple relationship management system to grow the right professional connections, generate leads and become an authority in your market.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

1. The B.E.E.P Method – A LinkedIn Lead Generation System

2. The Pinger System – A simple proven system for managing important relationships.

3. Digital Supernova – A LinkedIn campaign designed to help advisors reconnect with their best prospects.

After the webinar, attendees will know how to build an actionable relationship management system and be able to start generating leads immediately. Additionally, attendees will have access to follow-up training and educational videos that provide deeper insight into LinkedIn connection strategies, influence strategies, lead generation and profile optimization.

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