How Much Can I Spend In Retirement?

Retirement Income Planning or Seniors

A Webinar Presentation by Dr. Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA This webinar session will focus on the probability-based school of thought regarding retirement income. Developed by financial planners since the 1990s, the concept of safe withdrawal rates, specifically the 4% Rule, which was developed from William Bengen’s analysis of the U.S. historical data, will be discussed. […]

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Connect & Influence – Relationship Management Webinar

Reverse Mortgage Relationship Management Webinar

Presented by Jay Coulter About Our Speaker Jay Coulter is the Founder of Pinger Systems, a training and technology firm focused on teaching sales professionals and teams how to implement relationship management systems that expand their professional network and personal brand. He also has a consulting practice focused on working with high performing financial advisors […]

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