‘Silver’ Divorce Puts Strain On Retirement Income

REPOSTED FROM FORBES PERSONAL FINANCE 10/24/2016 The original source of this article is available on Forbes.com here Jamie Hopkins, CONTRIBUTOR I cover retirement income planning, retirement, and other legal issues Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. A common misconception about marriage in the U.S. is that millennials have a higher divorce rate than previous […]

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Reverse Mortgages and Estate Planning

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Learn what Jane Bryant Quinn and other retirement income researchers say about where home equity fits into a thoughtful 30-year retirement plan. This class will teach you the Top 5 Things to Consider when choosing how to maximize your retirement income stream, strategies for paying for quality care, protecting your retirement savings during market downturns, […]

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Wondering How to Maximize Cash-flow in Retirement?

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If you, a loved one, or a client are 62 or nearing retirement – this free informational community event is for you. Join us – and bring your retirement income questions – to learn what Jane Bryant Quinn and other academic researchers on retirement income strategies are saying about where home equity fits into a […]

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Retirement Income and Planning for Quality Care

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Learn what Jane Bryant Quinn says about where home equity fits into a thoughtful 30-year retirement plan. With 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day, understanding current retirement planning strategies is crucial to success.  This class will teach you the Top Five Things to Consider when choosing how to maximize your retirement income, strategies for paying […]

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Standby Reverse Mortgages: A Risk Management Tool for Retirement Distributions

The importance of effective distribution strategies is rapidly increasing as 78 million baby boomers approach retirement over the next decade.1 The diminished role of defined benefit plans, longer life expectancy, escalating health care costs, and poor equity returns over the last decade are just a few of the issues confronting retirees that create a challenging […]

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Increasing the Sustainable Withdrawal Rate Using the Standby Reverse Mortgage

Research published in the Journal of Financial Planning has estimated that retirees can expect to safely withdraw roughly 4 percent of their initial portfolio value, adjusted for inflation, each year in retirement (Bengen 1994). However, recent research has questioned whether the 4 percent rule is safe for retirees who are projected to face lower returns […]

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Reversing the Conventional Wisdom: Using Home Equity to Supplement Retirement Income

The overriding objective for many retirees is to maintain cash flow throughout their retirement years, to avoid “running out of money” in their later years. Cash flow survival is the central theme of this article.   This paper examines three strategies for using home equity, in the form of a reverse mortgage credit line, to […]

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8 Retirement Income Strategies for Baby Boomers

Reverse Mortgages in Gray Divorce

In a recent article on InvestmentNews.com, Jaime Hopkins, a professor of tax at the American College’s Retirement Certified Professional program writes that, “Far too many financial advisers overlook home equity as part of a retirement income plan. With heightened regulatory concerns about doing what is in the best interest of the client, it would be […]

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Incorporate Home Equity into Your Retirement Income Planning

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Wade Pfau’s article Incorporating Home Equity into a Retirement Income Strategy describes six methods for incorporating home equity into a retirement income strategy through a reverse mortgage. Generally, strategies that spend the home equity more quickly increase the overall risk for the retirement plan. More upside potential is generated by delaying the need to take distributions from […]

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