Using Housing Wealth to Improve Financial Outcomes in Retirement

Thank you for attending our NAPFA Spring 2017 class, “Using Housing Wealth to Improve Financial Outcomes in Retirement.”
Below are links to various academic research papers and articles relevant to the material presented during the class.
Also, you will find a list of upcoming webinars for those interested in learning more about the HECM program and it’s many surprising and beneficial uses.
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We welcome an ongoing conversation to keep you current on HECM uses and program guideline evolutions.
Happy Retirement Planning!
Barry and Mary Jo
Mary Jo Lafaye
Barry H. Sacks

Reversing the Conventional Wisdom “JFP”

Hidden Value of Reverse Mortgage Standby Line of Credit, Wade Pfau

Jamie Hopkins’ “Saving Grace

‘Silver’ Divorce Puts Strain On Retirement Income

Patricia Esswein – Kiplinger: HECM for Purchase

Kiplinger: Downsizing

Using Your House for Income in Retirement, Center for Retirement Research, Boston College

John vs. Jim: A Tale of Two HECMs

The Taxation Of Reverse Mortgage Loan Proceeds And Interest Payments –

Borrower Worksheet

Upcoming Webinars