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Retirement Planning San Rafael

As a trusted advisor to our rapidly growing senior population, having updated knowledge of tools to solve for the many challenges that retirees face is imperative.

The articles below will provide a broad overview of some of the scholarly and academic research being published to help retirees enjoy a more financially stable retirement.

With Gray Divorce on the rise, Boomers needing to Downsize, Nest Eggs needing a Boost, and the cost of In-home care rising, the HECM has been touted by Forbes as a “Potential Saving Grace for Americans.”

Tale of Two HECMs

Reversing the Conventional Wisdom: Using Home Equity to Supplement Retirement Income

New Math on Reverse Mortgages…

The Hidden Value of a Reverse Mortgage Standby Line of Credit

Downsizing for Dollars

Recovering a Lost Deduction